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Sun, Apr 19, 2015

Stitchamaze is a 'virtual' exhibit of "My Collection" of the needlepoint I have stitched over many years, displayed in four separate galleries. The fifth gallery exhibits the wonderful work of a myriad of guest stitchers from around the world!
I do hope you will enjoy your visit here.

Whats new
  • In stitch-talk, there are new items to read.
  • Check out the newest additions to our Guest Gallery.
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Rosalyn Cherry-Soleil
The Galleries

As you visit the galleries here in 'stitchamaze', the enlargements of the completed pieces also have a story that I've written about them, including snippets of humor, technique, ideas explored, lessons learned etc.

  • Crescendo

    This gallery displays my more recent techniques of what I call "Canvas Collage®", as well as other original pieces. See and read more about my Canvas Collage® techniques.

  • Orchestral

    This gallery has 3 sections: Interpretation of Painted Canvases, pieces I've made for my family, and finally, miniatures.

  • Tuning

    An exhibition of pieces stitched at workshops I've attended.

  • Foyer

    Here you will see a piece made by my Grandmother, my own earliest piece, and a collage that triggered a creative transition.

  • My Guests

    There are 42 guests - a unique international exhibition of needle point art.

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  • About me: My journey to this point.
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Needlepoint is such an amazing way to stitch. I love to both accept and challenge its 'grid art' format and try to 'push' those apparent boundaries!

With all of my pieces, the canvas must ‘speak’ to me... I must be attracted to it enough to want to 'enter' the image and stay for a long while. I don’t want to know how much time the piece will take to complete, but want to enjoy every part of the design and actually feel the texture, the warmth of the sun, the aroma of the blossoms or whatever the piece is about, and play with color, pattern and the juxtaposition of all kinds of elements, materials and types of thread.

Throughout the world, needlepoint is also known as canvas work, canvas embroidery, tapestry, petit point and goblein.

I really hope you enjoy your time spent here in 'stitchamaze'.
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